“Find the light,” the wise Larry Dale Gordon once told me.

“Only then will you find your shot.”



LA and I are kindred spirits – we both suffer from media obsession and a perpetual need to stay ahead of the curve. It all started in high school when I showed up at the legendary Hollywood photographer Sid Avery’s office and did whatever I could to help out. Eventually he had no choice but to officially hire me. I’ve never looked back.

But having a light filled life doesn’t mean I don’t go looking for more. It’s been my M.O. to seek it out where it’s least expected. Just check out my award-winning short, A Stoner’s Life, seen regularly on the Sundance Channel, and my ongoing collection of portraits found at facetheday.com.

And though my personal projects have brought light to the soul, I also have to keep the lights on. I was with the international powerhouse @radical.media, where I directed commercials and content for Arby's, Budweiser, Purina, Post Cereal, Tide, Bertolli, Walmart, US Army, Verizon, and many more. Since September 2016 I've been in my own company and I've seen my ideas flourish and my vision expand.

I’ve traveled the world several times– one of my cherished projects being latitude 38°, which consisted of portraits and landscapes from that parallel around the globe. Luckily many people shared my fascination, and it was featured on the back cover of Communication Arts magazine for five years. But the ongoing search continues…

– Brett